Clinical Care Associates: A Licensed Clinical Social Work-Based Practice, P.C.

Located at 20 Peachtree Ct, Holbrook N.Y. 11741 (Suite 100)

(631) 475-8641 (English), (631) 289-5353 (Spanish)

We offer a multitude of intervention programs and service special populations in our community for both English and Spanish-speaking clients and have over 15 years experience helping the community of special populations in need of clinical services.

*Appointments Are Required*

 Programs we currently offer:

*Appointments Are Required*

   “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of              mind.”      ~Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m interested in marriage counseling as well as spouse has substance abuse. If we came in for marriage counseling will we get counseling for his abuse as well? I have insurance my husband does not. Can it be put through my insurance for the both of us. Please email back. Thank you!!!!

  2. Good Afternoon Donna,

    I appreciate your interest in our agency and I will answer your questions. Our agency does not accept insurance. Our clients pay out of pocket fees and although we offer different treatment/counseling programs, substance abuse treatment is not one of them. We provide Drug & alcohol evaluations only, any treatment we deem recommended must be attended elsewhere at an OASAS approved agency. Also, our clients are referred to our agency’s programs through mandated services, such as Courts, CPS &/or Probation. We do not currently take in clients without any of those involved referral agencies. Should our agency not meet your current needs (& vice versa), then I wish you & your husband a healthy future.

    Jessica Guevara, LCSW
    Assistant Director

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