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Vision Statement

Clinical Care Associates affirms our ongoing commitment to be a valued leader in the treatment of Special Populations and to serve our clients through a strong network of caring and competent treatment professionals. We will lead with specifically targeted programs to meet the needs of diverse cross-section of clients and their families.

Clinical Care Associates will continue to strive for service excellence for clients, their families, professionals, payors, and key constituencies. To make this vision a reality, Clinical Care Associates reject no concept except that which will compromise the quality or ethics of care to our clients and the community at large.

Clinical Care Associates will seek professionals who we believe share our vision and who we believe hold promise for the Special Populations and communities we serve. Building on what we believe to already be a solid reputation, we will continue to find new programs to meet our communities’ needs.

Clinical Care Associates will continue to expand our leadership role in the education of our professional staff, other ancillary professionals, and the community.


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