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Domestic Violence Evaluation and Intervention Program

Clinical Care Associates, LCSW, PC, has formulated a minimum 24-sessions, Court approved, Domestic Violence Intervention Program, designed to provide a basic foundation to men and women who have been mandated by the judicial system to undergo an evaluation and/or intervention when indicated. We work closely with all referring agencies in order to provide a collaborative and containment model approach to ending domestic violence.

Evaulation and Assessment Includes:

  • Identification of the domestic violence offense cycle and related precursors
  • Identification of abusive behavioral patterns
  • Assessment of individual needs
  • Identification of interpersonal deficits
  • Assessment of the likelihood of continued risk to their partners, children and the community (lethality assessment)
  • Determination of the most appropriate clinical setting
  • Identification of additional patterns of criminal behaviors

Additional Assessment Options:

  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Drug/Alcohol Evaluations

The following are some of the areas of focus of our program:

  • Defining abuse and the cycle of violence
  • Understanding anger, manipulation, power, control and effective use of time out.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: The connection to domestic violence
  • Impact of domestic violence on children
  • Effective communication with domestic partners
  • Basic conflict resolution skills
  • Playing the tape to the end: Consequential Thinking.

Program purpose, Goals and Rules of the program, Duty to Warn and Limited Confidentiality are discussed with new clients.




Call: (631) 475-8641 (English), (631) 289- 5353 (Spanish)