Parenting Skills Program

Clinical Care Associate, LCSW, PC, offers a 6-8 sessions, Active Parenting Program, in English and Spanish. This program is designed to provide parents with the information and skills to foster in their children the qualities necessary to thrive in society; Cooperation, Courage, Responsibility, Self-esteem, and Respect.

Topics specifically addressed with this group format include:

  • Styles of parenting
  • Active communication
  • Responsibility
  • Handling anger
  • Power encouragement
  • Respect
  • Think-feel-action cycle

Participation in the Parenting Skills Program may be recommended independently or concurrently with other counseling/treatment, such as individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling, where indicated.

Correspondence to Child Protective Services, Probation, Parole, attorneys and referring physicians is forwarded with consent, outlining the recommendation, attendance, participation, concerns and overall counseling progress.

As with all intervention programs, program goals and rules, duty to warn and limited confidentiality, are discussed with new clients.


Call: (631) 475-8641 (English), (631) 289-5353 (Spanish)