SO Evaluation and Treatment

Clinical Care Associates, LCSW, PC, offers a specialized treatment program that is designed to provide risk assessment and treatment of sex offenders. The program utilizes professionals that are specifically trained in the treatment of this population. A variety of clients may be suitable for our program, including those who offend against children and women, exhibitionist, voyeurs and individuals with other sexually deviant behaviors.

Who We See:

  • Individuals who manifest an interest or are at risk for committing a sexual assault against children or adults.
  • Individuals who manifest other deviant sexual activities or urges such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calling, possession of child pornography, as well as other sexual anomalies.
  • Clients who are in the process of being sentenced can be referred by their attorneys for treatment and/or assessment.
  • Offenders who are under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Justice System after a conviction for sexual offenses and who are residing in the community under the supervision of Parole, Probation or Child Protective Services.

What We Do:

Assessment: The initial assessment includes a thorough Bio-Psycho-Social Evaluation. A referral for psychological or psychiatric testing or assessments with other health professionals may be made, when indicated. A Clinical Instant Offense Polygraph recommendation may also be made in cases when indicated.

  1. Relapse Prevention Groups: The group treatment approach is based on cognitive-behavioral models designed to help individuals to better understand and control their deviant sexual behaviors, with the objective or preventing a recurrence of sexual offending. A Clinical Sexual History Polygraph is utilized in the treatment and risk assessment. Some of the therapeutic goals include, recognition, and defining sexual urges, addressing victim impact, defining high-risk situations and their parameters, as well as learning to cope with urges and deviant fantasies.


Call: (631) 475-8641 (English), (631) 289-5353 (Spanish)